Protect your general. Capture enemy generals to defeat them.

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Didn't see this until just now but thanks for hunting! I'm the creator of - if you're interested in getting involved with the game's community join our subreddit at
Super-simple web based strategy game, up to 8 players. You can play with random people or create a private room *killing your productivity*
Great little game! Simple yet there's an element of strategy :)
A lot of fun to play and mindless. Good productivity killer
amazing little game, can't stop playing it. however, i feel like the ping and serverlag is a little bit of an advantage / disadvantage for gamers, e.g. i have a 400 man army next to my general, while on my general is nothing. an enemy army is approaching to my general and due to ping / whatsoever kind of delay i can't move my army to my general quick enough to defend him. hope you get what i mean ;)