Gender Equality Emoji

Google makes a change with gender equality emoji

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Fucking seriously ?
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Back in the day emoji had nether a race nor a gender. But well, i guess why not.
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@talkb1nary What?? The article clearly demonstrates the difference between the way men and women are represented in the current emoji.
@notjim @talkb1nary back in the days when we used yahoo and msn messenger, emojis had no gender
The notion that women have long have hairs is destroying society. Google is degrading and stereotyping women. Stop marginalizing women
Google: long hair = female. Short hair = male. And then change the shirt colour, but don't bother with the actual body shape.
The fact that people complain about the gender of an "emoji" is what's wrong with society today. But it doesn't surprise me anymore I guess. Anyway, I'll leave out the debate rhetoric for the sake of the Product Hunt community.
I think these are great. I'm excited to send emoji that look like my friends out to my friends.