Gender Balance

Show the gender ratio on Facebook events

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Bruno Nascimento
Bruno Nascimento@nscmnto · Chief Beard, Barba Brada
This is really cool for event organizers to keep up the ratio. Will definitely use it!
Ryan McLeod
Ryan McLeod@warpling · ⬛️📲
Pretty neat! But I'm trying it on an event with 1.6k going and only seeing male/female/unknown counts in the low hundreds?
Kurt Spindler
Kurt SpindlerMaker@kurtontech · softare engineer
@warpling Can you send an email with link to example event? fbgenderbalance at gmail dot com. This is using unofficial facebook apis and I didn't have opportunity to test on multi-thousand events
Ryan McLeod
Ryan McLeod@warpling · ⬛️📲
@kurtontech sure thing!
Matthew Boyle
Matthew Boyle@matthewboyle25 · Matt
definitely helps to know if an event is going to be a sausage fest or not
Jonathan Nabais
Jonathan Nabais@jonathannabais · CEO
this is fun
Max Guttman
Max Guttman@maxwellhallel · Educator, artist, writer (they/them) ⚧
Does this account for Facebook's other gender options in any way?