The easy way to feel confident about your project status.

Let's make knowing the actual status of your projects easy.
We use a daily, 2-click team check-in to capture the entire team's view of the project's status. Combining their unique insights gives a confidence score that shows project status and team health.
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Hey Product Hunt, excited to be here! I know. I know. Tracking project status is about as unglamorous as it gets! However, it is a real problem for many of us, and not only do we "solve" it but we do so in a way that will build trust and engagement within your team. What makes us different is that we provide an easy way to engage the entire team. So every day, through a quick check-in (that should take ~2 seconds) we ask every member of the team "How confident are you that your team will achieve its goal?". Project status reports are typically quite complex, but if you think "What is the one piece of information I really need to know?", the best-combined guess of the entire team of how likely they are to deliver on their goal is likely it. We check-in on a daily basis to build the habit and also so you can be confident the status is current. Genchi doesn't have to replace your current process but rather can ride alongside as a dynamic real-time signal that augments your existing static reports. You wanted transparency? Well, here it is! (Feedback and questions are very welcome.)

We've been using it for a couple of months now and think it's a great tool to stay on top of how the team is feeling and how the product is progressing.


We like how simple it is. The slack plugin is awesome.


We would love to have a mobile app.

Been using this for a couple of months now and it's great! It is very simple, does not add any friction but provides a very reliable way of tracking team sentiment on where a project is. Highly recommend it!
@emil_ivov Hey, thanks for the comment Emil - I'm glad it's been working for you, and have been super appreciative of the feedback I've gotten from you and the team.
Looks really cool! Also simple & clean design :) How long did it take to develop it from the idea to the current stage? And what are next features planned?
@natalie_korotaeva1 it's taken almost a year to get from concept to where we are today. Thanks - our designer did a terrific job. As for the next features, we're finalizing the "Observer" functionality, so team members can see the status of other projects that they might be interested in, then provide a decent retrospective report. After that, we need to get those mobile apps done.

what makes it work is that it doesn't actually impose work on you. you just click-off how you feel and keep doing emails. In aggregate, it's creating information that no one person has.


Speed. I wouldn't deal with a daily update unless I could do it within seconds. The email fits inobtrusively into my daily startup routine.


I'm looking forward to 1-click (less than 2), but I'm sure it's coming.