The ultimate wireless charger in your pocket

GeminiPad is Worlds' First Dual 10W Wireless Charger with built-in power bank to fast charge all your Qi-embedded devices.which can charge all your devices such as smartphone, Airpods and Apple Watch. The built-in 10,000 mAh battery (5,000mAh in each pad) can fully charge your 2 phones simultaneously.

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How will the product evolve as battery length increases over time? Can't we already get through the day without recharging?
@warrenparad Hi Warren, the GeminiPad is designed for travel, it is portable and also you can use it as wireless charger no need wires to charge your devices
I checked out the indie gogo page... this thing looks pretty large. Cool concept for sure, but I'd love something that I can just keep in my pocket, and as soon as I drop my phone in, it starts charging rather than dealing with messy cords that makes me look like I have a bomb in my pocket. (can i say that here? just saying..) However, as a female who wears tighter pants and a small purse.. this would be too big :(
@jodiechristineb Hi Jodie, thanks for your comments and idea, we would like to share with you the cool concept of making a good product which can be used as a wireless charger and also can be a power bank. We have also consider the size of the product and for female if you want a more thin and pocket wireless charger, you can choose our GeminiPad Basic(without power bank), which is as thin as 8mm each pad. Hope you will like it.
This looks super cool. for people with a strong apple-user bias, but interesting that contains a battery
@colonelangus Hi yassir, thanks for your comments, yes the GeminiPad Ultimate is designed combine the wireless charger with power bank, which is ultra portable and can offer you the power you need anytime anywhere.
I like it👍🏻
@vard_mardoyan Thanks a lot for your support and love for Gemini. Best Regards.
We are crowdfunding on indiegogo.