Gemini Mobile

Launch your crypto portfolio on Gemini.

The Gemini app allows you to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ether, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and Zcash. Track prices, manage your account balance, and execute your trading strategy with our dynamic price alerts.

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Hey everyone! It's Tyler from Gemini here. We began our mission to build the future of money by creating a licensed cryptocurrency exchange and custodian that allows our customers to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency in a safe, secure, and compliant manner. A trusted and regulated platform, however, is just the beginning. The future of money is both digital and mobile, and now Gemini is too with the launch of the Gemini Mobile App! Whether you’re a crypto expert or a newcomer, we’ve made engaging with crypto easy and secure by extending Gemini’s trusted platform to mobile. The Gemini Mobile App combines our institutional-grade security with a simple and intuitive experience. We spent the last three years building the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency platform and today we are excited to extend it into your hands and allow you to engage with cryptocurrency wherever you are and whenever you want. Join us on our mission to build the future of money! Onward and upward, Tyler
@tylerwinklevoss nice! Looks much better than anything I've seen out there.
@shawntopp thanks for the kind words, glad you are enjoying it!
Great job guys! Nice UI.
Great to see a Gemini mobile application! I have always been impressed with your compliance-first approach. It has saved you a ton of headache around this time I'm sure. Would love to connect and chat to see how Unbankd ( can impact your mission and the adoption of crypto globally.
Well done. Once again, @tylerwinklevoss and the @geminidotcom crew coming through with an awesome product. Nice work.
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