Gemini 2.0

The intelligent duplicate file finder for your Mac

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3 Reviews5.0/5
This app is super slick — and also very powerful! Be careful when going through your files that you don't hoover up (pun intended!) a bunch of files that you're keeping dupes of on purpose!
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@chrismessina thank you for hunting Gemini 2.
Hey everyone, Julia from MacPaw here. Meet the next generation duplicate file finder Gemini 2 by MacPaw. Gemini 2 - identifies duplicates on a Mac (folders, pictures, apps, tunes, docs, and videos) - spots similar files (in Photos and iTunes libraries) - tells copies from originals, based on 10+ parameters - remembers rules for files removal and applies them - safely deletes files - restores a previous scanning session Gemini 2 is a powerful app to work with duplicates and similar files, not to mention its sleek stellar interface and entertaining gamified approach. It's pure fun!
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@ua_philka I want to give it a try and use trial, before make my decision to weather buy it or no. How long it would be on Sale?
@ua_philka What is the difference between the free and the paid version? I looked around on your site but wasn't able to locate any information/comparison between the two versions
@shahinix Gemini 2 trial can clean up only up to 500 Mb of space. The sale will run through May 17th.
@anant Gemini 2 trial can clean up only up to 500 Mb of space.
@ua_philka I've already bought it :) Better than similar apps and $10 well worth it. Had no idea it's from CleanMyMac Developers. Enjoying the CleanMyMac for years now. Good Job, Thanks! :)
Been using the original Gemini for a looooong time. Happy to see a major update!
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@dnuzum welcome on board of Gemini 2 users!
Gemini 1 already was the best app to find & eliminate duplicate files on your Mac. Can't wait to upgrade to the new and improved Gemini 2. These MacPaw types know their stuff. I trust the company that brings me Clean My Mac to Clean My Duplicates too.
@t55 Thank you! All current Gemini users have a lifetime 50% discount for the upgrade to Gemini 2.
is there a setting to place shortcuts to original files in place of dupes? (versus simply deleting them)
@passingnotes Yes, Gemini 2 can replace duplicates with the hard-links. That option is available from Gemini 2 Settings