Accounting for personal and home finances online.

GemBudget is a tool to take your budget under control. You can easily track your balances, add new transactions and control your expenses.

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The market for personal budget apps is over saturated and there are already some nice ones that are either free or very cheap. For example, I use an app on my phone that cost me 5 € (one time payment), works offline, syncs with google drive, exports to excel format, looks great, supports multiple accounts and has a calendar view.

With that taken into account, I cannot understand why someone would pay 3€ every month to use your product which is web based and has a limited set of features.




No better than a spreadsheet, overpriced, there are better alternatives

@anna_0x What is the name of the app you use?
I upvoted this cos it has potential. It needs to be developed way more if it is going to be sonmething I am going to pay for.