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  • Maisha L. Cannon
    Maisha L. CannonTechnology enthusiast.

    Good for campaigns to candidates (prospects)



    Great for running email campaigns and tracking message open rate, link clickthrough and response rate.

    Still early in development, lots of room to grow and enhance. But great for getting up and running with campaigns.

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  • Jenna Aronow
    Jenna AronowFounder @ Aronow Recruiting

    Auto Follow-Ups, Drip Campaigns, Detailed Metrics, Inline Image Support, Gmail Integration


    Have to download each candidate's PDF in order to import

    Zensourcer has rapidly become a favorite tool in my recruiting belt. I was impressed when I joined the service two months ago and they’ve recently added multiple features to make it even more compelling.

    The automatic email that ZenSourcer attaches to each thread with a link to the candidate’s information has saved me hours.

    While it sounds simple, the ability to include inline images and multiple linked calls to action have drastically improved my response rate.

    While it did feel a bit clunky at first to have to download each profile’s PDF to add them, I have found that it’s actually very useful to have those easily accessible when forwarding candidates to hiring managers.

    One thing that really stands out is how quickly the team gets back to me on any questions or feature requests. I’ve never waited more than an hour for a detailed response that solves whatever trouble I’m having.

    Compared to the cost of other recruiting tools, ZenSourcer provides an unbelievable amount of value. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to send hyper-customized reach out while keeping their sanity.

    Jenna Aronow has used this product for one month.
Hi everyone, I’m Nick, the cofounder of ZenSourcer. We’re excited to be on Product Hunt today launching ZenSourcer — the first email automation product built for sourcers. We’re currently in private beta and will let anyone in from Product Hunt -- complete the form, mention you're from Product Hunt, and we'll send you instructions on how to access the beta. The best recruiting teams understand that it’s no longer sufficient to wait for applicants — they need to proactively source and build relationships with talent over time. While recruiters have advanced tools like Lever and Greenhouse to track applicants, sourcers have to cobble together 6 or 7 tools to manage their outreach (including spreadsheets!). ZenSourcer combines these tools into one product, which means less copy/pasting between different tabs, never dropping the ball on followups, and analytics so you can see what’s working. More specifically, here’s what ZenSourcer does: - A chrome extension that lets you build up lists of people to reach out to alongside LinkedIn where you source. - Captures important candidate information from a LinkedIn profile (without scraping!), finds personal email, and aggregates social media profiles. - ZenSourcer sequences help you reach out at scale and automate your followups without sacrificing personalization. - Email tracking (replies, views, and link clicks) at the recipient level and for each sequence so you can know what works. - For teams of sourcers, ZenSourcer tracks every reachout, which means that companies won’t reach out to the same person multiple times. We’d love to hear your thoughts about what we’re building with ZenSourcer, so feel free to comment or email
Literally been sourcing candidates all day, using Hunter just to save profiles, and then HolaConnect to find personal emails, and then importing into Quickmail for drip campaigning. Damn. Would love to test this out @nbushak @sbartel
@nbushak @nwkwan Absolutely -- shoot us an email at and we'll get you taken care of :)
Are you guys doing anything with natural language processing? Might be useful to analyze people's responses, or quickly see if the copy you wrote is positive or negative. If you are, you should check out - its really easy to deploy (Dockerized) and just start using right away.
Any chance you are going to have office365/outlook integration? I unfortunately don't do my work out of Gmail 😟
@spinmantv Oof not yet, although it's on our list. If you sign up and let us know you're on outlook, we'll be sure to reach out to you once we have that integration built. We expect to have it built out in a few months.
@spinmantv checkout (has outlook integration)
Correct me if I'm wrong but how does this stop me from using it to get leads? It seems to offer everything you'd look for in a tool that would allow you to do LinkedIn outreach for sales.. Don't get me wrong, I think that's awesome. Just wondering why you choose recruiting as the angle.
Hey Fouad, we picked this angle because we saw there are already a number of good tools out there for sales, but recruiters seemed underserved. There's nothing stopping folks from using this in sales, and we're open minded about supporting that use case as well if people are finding value there.