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Gem helps people tired of clickbait find articles with adjective based ratings, and control over the algorithm.
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Hey 👋 I'm one of the makers of Gem. Let me quickly explain the impetus for making this! It’s 6 AM and I find myself compulsively scrolling through public outrage videos and dog photos. I’m scrolling through my twitter feed, finding punchy sentences on the latest trend and tragedy. I feel like my thoughts are becoming limited to what I can fit in 140 characters, and anxious comparing myself to other’s carefully tailored personas. With the feed’s algorithms working in opaque ways and beholden to maximizing advertising revenue, I found it difficult to find thoughtful articles on my interests. Unwilling to wait for the platforms to suddenly become altruistic, I decided to make an alternative. A healthier option to disseminate articles and essays that promote understanding, nuance, insight, and focus. Here's two key features that make Gem stand out: - Adjectives - Rating with adjectives help us better understand your taste. We scan the article to determine the adjectives you’d naturally use. These adjectives are derived from criteria like objectivity, importance, and convincingness. Above all, this keeps out sensationalism and improves quality. - Control - For every feed we have settings which let you filter by type (e.g. tutorials, opinions, and news) or adjust the influence of factors like your viewing history and popularity. Thanks so much for trying out Gem, and we look forward to hearing your feedback! ❣️
@henryboldi how do you plan on being able to monetize the app?
@daviescreations Great question. Sometime in the future we might add some premium subscription features, but for now, everything is free. If that doesn't work, we might make an attempt at forming as a nonprofit. A couple of incredible publications, like Aeon and Current Affairs, have taken the nonprofit route, and I see no reason an app couldn't do the same.
Hey people! ✌️ I'm also one of the makers of Gem. 💎 Gem is an iOS app that helps people tired of clickbait find articles with adjective based ratings, and control over the algorithm. We've been working on this for over a year and would appreciate you feedback. Thank you! 🙌
Love the product UI, really beautiful! Would be curious to know where you're sourcing content from? Am I able to filter content by the sources I trust the most?
Hi, the product looks beautifully designed and I was curious to try it, but it looks like I can only sign up with my phone number. Curious why my phone number is required, and if there are any other ways to sign up?
Stopping by to say that I’m so proud of seeing this launch. Henry and I were living together when he was debating building this and I saw it turn into an obsession. Product has come a long way and it’s a great way to have top content served to you!