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Develop a daily journaling habit using Gekri, a privacy-focused online journal. Record your feeling and watch your level of happiness. Your data is secure and encrypted using Blockstack ecosystem.
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Hi everyone ✌️, KevinNTH here, and I'm excited to introduce you to my first project 🛳, Gekri, a secure, fully-encrypted, privacy-focused online journal ✍️ enhanced by many features with the intent of improving the user's life. For example, one of the first features is the mood tracker, allowing you to record your feeling in real-time and get analytics. Then, there will be an activity tracker. In the end, you will be able to know what activity puts you in a good mood, or what happens when you are in a bad mood. With this data in mind, you can take action to improve your overall wellness. I started to journal daily for more than one year 🗓. The reason why I was doing this was that I was burned-out 😰. I kept forgetting things and I felt so frustrated about this. The only way to remember was to record my day, so that was what I did. I believe that doing so helped me a lot to recover from the burn-out. The benefits of writing are real! I encourage anyone to get started journaling 🏁, even if it’s to record one line per day. There are so many ways to journal, and I am studying them to implement one way or another within the application to increase your productivity. I bet that the benefits of daily journaling, in the long run, will surprise you as it surprised me 😯. There are many ways to write, I can quote a few: - Gratitude journaling to express your gratitude - Freewriting to write down your thoughts - Get into the state of mindfulness while writing - Achieving your goals when you journal about your dreams and ambitions - Improve your communication skills I used to journal in Notion. But every time I was writing, I thought about my privacy – "what if someone read my writings?" 🧐. This bridled what I wrote which sometimes differentiated from my thoughts and this is a real issue. This is the reason why I am building Gekri: to provide user privacy with data ownership, encryption, and decentralization using Blockstack ecosystem to ensure maximum privacy. How does it work? When you sign up using Blocktack, your identity is created and saved to the Bitcoin blockchain immutably so you are the only one who can control your identity and data storage using your private key 🔐. Ask me anything 😸
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@kevinnth Congrats on the launch! Love the privacy focus and the UI ✨
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@anthilemoon Thank you so much. I put extra effort on the UI because I believe this is important to enjoy using a product 😸
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Kevin is an awesome maker and this app is proof of it. Journaling is definitely a great habit to develop, having a virtual diary you can trust is a must. Pros: UI by an experienced designer, privacy ensured by a blockstack-powered app Cons: none Keep going Kevin!
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@bsamel Thanks Basile for your feedback! It's very encouraging and motivation pushing! I'll keep iterating and add more features to the product 😻
Beautifully designed and secure, well done!
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@walterion1 Thanks Walterion. Your products are well-done too. I am amazed. When I have some time, I will take a look to Arcane Photos: I was waiting for it 😸
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Great app ! I use it every day for track my moods and never forget what I need to.
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@gregory_l Thanks! I do record my tasks on Gekri while I am journaling too. It keep me out of the natural forgetting processus 😅
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