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Can't wait to share the next version with you guys!
@ahmetsulek Panda is one of my favorite things on the web right now. I use it multiple times a day, every day. Can't wait to see it continue to grow.
I took about 45mins to explore this product, and my conclusion is that i like it a lot. I would love to see it morph into a site, similar to Product Hunt - A daily leaderboard of design tools, github repos, etc.
Hope you find Geisha useful. Love to gather your thoughts!
At first glance, I'm seeing a ton of awesome stuff. You seem to be working on several things, @WilliamChanner. What inspired Geisha?
Just like you man :) Geisha was initially created by @ahmetsulek, I then came on board to do some of the designs. Most credit goes to him with coming up wit the original concept.