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Geek Flare Nexus aims to help a marketer, blogger, designer, freelancer, startup or medium business to find the best resource to increase sales revenue, rank higher in search engine, secure & accelerate a site and more.

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Hello, It was busy few months reviewing hundreds of products and tools to find the best resources to supercharge online business and website. It was not easy for sure, but I think it was worth it. Got to try lots of products, good learning! I am happy to see it live on Product Hunt. There are ~1000 resources from close to 100 categories to help startup owner, blogger, the site owner, webmaster, designer, developer, and freelancer in various ways. Go ahead, explore the Geek Flare Nexus or try searching and share your feedback. Product owner, let me know about your best product, and I will get it added. Thanks for taking the time to read this far. Have a great time ahead! Best, Chandan
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@chandankumar Hi. I really liked your project, I found it extremely useful. My question is if you have already created the financial model for the geek flare? And what stage of maturity?
@marcos_jesus FYI, Geek Flare has a page w/ some details here:
@cameronkfk really enjoyed it. It would be something interesting for the Brazilian market. We can talk a bit more about this if you find it promising.
@marcos_jesus I think you meant to address the OP @chandankumar! In my attempt to be helpful, I accidentally removed him from the reply. My bad!
No problem, @cameronkfk. Thank you for the help.

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Good content!


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Thank you Jay
Hello Product Hunters, for 2 weeks I am observing Chandan's products closely, and it is very useful, the content-quality of the website is very high. Yet, I think when the resources are listed, startups from all over the world should be included, by this way, we can aware of the different groups that makes the job we seek in a very different way, I am congratulating the team, Go Geek Flare! :)
@furkodemirbas Thank you so much for the feedback. I am glad you you liked it :)
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