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Height adjustable standing desk

This looks awesome but looks like you don't ship to UK :(
I bought one of these last year and was initially worried whether or not it was a good investment. It has been absolutely worth every penny. Multiple times a day I will press one of the presets, walk away to get a cup of coffee, and come back to have the desk where I want it to be. On a good day I do about 1-2 hours worth of standing work and the rest sitting. The bamboo desk top is gorgeous and I use the cord tray to stow my modem and a Raspberry PI. Most of all what I love is that this desk is wide, enough to accommodate three 27" monitors. A+ Would buy again.
@colepatrickturner Let's see some photos of your setup and the desk "in the wild" :)
Still too pricy . It would be attractive if it got close to $300 - $350 spot.