Save money on your favorite meals with smart menu prices

Save up on restaurant delivery & takeout with smart menu prices and help prevent food waste! Gebni is a new kind of food app offering food delivery & takeout at better prices using a unique smart-pricing technology that constantly updates meal prices to reflect current demand levels for your favorite meals!

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Thanks for the hunt Mubs! Hi everyone 👋 This is Mohamed Merzouk, Co-Founder of Gebni. About a year ago, we set out to create a new kind of food delivery and takeout app that saved people money. As students living on a budget in NYC, we noticed we always paid the same full prices on our favorite meals no matter the time of the day we ordered and how busy/ slow the restaurant was. In most cases, due to our busy schedules, we ordered during off-peak hours and still paid the same full prices for meals ordered online even when the sames restaurants were offering specials and discounts to their offline customers. So we decided to create Gebni, an app that analyzes real time demand for meals and constantly updates menu prices (stock market style) so people always pay fairer, better and more efficient prices that are adjsuted to demand. For instance, if your favorite burrito is not being orderd a lot at the time of your purchase, you get to pay a lower price for it, say $5.90 instead of the regular $7.50 price. The cool part? When demand is at peak, prices never exceed regular levels. To use the same Burrito example, the price you'd be paying then is $7.50. Food & Wine referred to this as reverse-surge pricing. Some pro tips: -Meal prices tend to dip between 2-6pm and after 9:30pm but you can still save big even during peak hours if your meal is not in high demand at the exact moment of your order 📉💰 -You can set price alerts to get notified when prices of your favorite meals drop 📢 -If you're not seeing your favorite restaurants on the app, you can request them with the push of a button -You can pay with Venmo if you've got credit laying around like me -You can track your performace over time and see how much you've saved including your average savings per order 💪 We'd love to get some feedback from the community! I' here to answer any questions!
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I’ve been using this app for a few months and it’s an awesome way to save money when ordering delivery. I also like the fact that the app strives to help restaurants protect their margins by adjusting prices based on the supply and demand of ingredients, taking into account COGS.
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@robedell Thanks for your early support for our product and very glad to hear you've been enjoying it so far! 😃
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This app genius. I've saved on ever online order in the past year, it adds


Speed, cost


None so far

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Really a big fan of their model and can't wait till they expand to other areas in the tri-state!
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@adriangrant Thanks a lot! We started expanding to Brooklyn and Queens in recent weeks😉Stay tuned!
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Huge fan of both the product and the team. I’ve personally ordered from Gebni and couldn’t recommend more highly 😊
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Thanks @philip_gregory! I very much appreciate your support 🙌