Gear S3

The latest smartwatch from Samsung



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Ashar Qureshi
Ashar Qureshi@asharq · Product Manager / Designer
I find it interesting how low this is on the product hunt vote count today. Samsung (Apples biggest threat) just launched their brand new smart phone offering and no one bats an eye. It has every feature apple fans have been asking for too (LTE, longer batter life, circle screen). the world is a funny place.
Tigran Askaryan
Tigran Askaryan@taskaryan · Student, Stanford University
@asharq I think the uninteresting design (aesthetically speaking -- the rotating bezel as a UX element is actually pretty cool) and the bulkiness of the watch explain the low vote count pretty well...I'd be surprised if people were truly excited about this product
Justin Mitchell
Justin MitchellPro@itsthisjustin · I help startups at
@taskaryan @asharq I'm super excited. I love my Gear S2
Olivier El Mekki
Olivier El Mekki@oelmekki · maker
Edit: comment based on wrong assumption. As Mark explains in comments, this is not an android device. I wonder what the second button is used for. I love those, android wear especially plays well with the huge google ecosystem and the always getting better voice commands. My main problem with them is the usual android problem: if you buy an OEM device, you will receive android updates for 2 years max. Sadly, there are no nexus watches, for now.
Jason Shultz
Jason Shultz@thehashrocket · Senior Software Engineer, 3form
@oelmekki i never keep a device longer than 2 years so it's not really an issue (for me). Typically, I only keep it for a year then i get something different. Obviously, this isn't the case for most people, so I understand the frustration. :(
Mark Donne
Mark Donne@mark_donne
@oelmekki The Gear 3 doesn't run on android wear, it runs on Samsung's on OS - Tizen OS. Which can either be a good thing or bad.
Olivier El Mekki
Olivier El Mekki@oelmekki · maker
@mark_donne Wow, really? My bad, I just assumed all OEMs building smartwatches and mobiles on android used android on smartwatches as well. Thanks for info! Edit: so, my comment still stands, but just not in this thread :D
Scott Reyes
Scott Reyes@scottreyes · CEO, EnvoyFM
Looks amazing. Samsung did a great job with the S7 and Note7. They are on a roll right now.