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Aggregates and summarizes professional tech reviews for you

Gear Caliber collects reviews for the best gear, delivered daily. We analyze the latest tech with reviews from professional critics, summarize them, and give a metascore for all of your favorite gear.

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Howdy Product Hunters! Thanks so much @jadlimcaco for hunting! Glad you're a fan. I’m one of the small team of makers. We originally built this tool as a side project for ourselves, but over the last few months we’ve turned it into something others can hopefully enjoy. The inspiration came while shopping for VR, smart phones, drones, home automation devices, etc. and looking for “The Answer” on what to buy, with new gear coming out every week. We were pretty shocked by the number of fake Amazon reviews out there, and learned that a lot of user reviews on the net for consumer products, especially electronics, are heavily gamed and influenced. Add to that the selection bias and lack of cross-product research, and it became clear we wanted to orient our shopping more around professional reviews. This led us to ask, why isn’t there a Rotten Tomatoes for “stuff”? Well now it exists, and we have 10,000+ reviews on hundreds of products. We’re adding new stuff every day, and for each product we summarize all the reviews into a one-page brief and metascore. We’d love your feedback!
@jadlimcaco @rajgokal Love the idea behind this. Let me take it out for a spin and I'll come back. 👏
@jadlimcaco @k3sava spin away! let me know if you end up making a decision on something big you've been thinking about buying!
@rajgokal You folks had me at first look! Beautiful design and super easy readability. I was looking at the categories and it looks pretty big for a side project. I'd like separate categories for Laptops and Tablets though.
@k3sava booya. that design is all @marte47, he's a beast. and yeah it's a big side project :) we have spent way too much time on this thing. Catch us at Workshop Cafe every Tuesday...
@rajgokal Another one. Search can be better... I just tried searching for Dell XPS and it couldn't find it. Just "XPS" works though.

Most electronics on are available for shipping to India, but it'd be easier if the site could serve links to the user's country of choice. Kind of like what WireCutter does.


Beautifully designed and super-easy to browse through! Lists out reviews from popular sites to make picking your next gadget easier.


Links only to, so need more options for international users.

Slowly spreading out, turns out it's pretty tough! We have UK and Canada, but will expand if today validates our product idea a bit more.
This is a very pretty and useful aggregation of gear reviews. Nice to see this kind of information in such an easy to digest format. My only request is that the category dropdown also be added above the new/popular grid on the front page, because once I scroll past the masthead, I don't see the dropdown anymore. (I know it's a faux pas to duplicate content like this, but I think the usefulness is worth it.) I would also love to receive top new aggregations in an email newsletter :) and maybe subscribe to certain categories? Also what if I could filter by brand? Maybe I want to just see all Apple or Samsung products. Also, also, what if I could subscribe to a certain category or brand? I have a lot of ideas I guess...
@cm0nt0y4 get out of my head. almost all of these are on the backlog! this is a side project for us though, so we just wanted to see if folks would use this enough to support those features. Right now email newsletter (sign up at bottom of the page) isn't filtered, but I totally want to have alerts for categories and/or brands. Filtering by brand has been in the back of my mind, and the category dropdown is probably the oldest piece of the site so due for major refresh. Your feedback is on point!
@rajgokal Oh I didn't even notice the email signup. Maybe it should be sticky on the bottom of the page.... Good luck with the project :)
@cm0nt0y4 ultimate decision was to leave it for now and not break while these wonderful PH'ers are visiting. But I'll follow up separately and get your feedback on email collection.
Cool concept and design. @rajgokal Can you expound a little bit more on the team that worked on this? Would love to know more about the process. Also, the main feedback I would like to give is that when I first land on the site, it's not clear to me what the site is right away. Looks like a shopping site, but maybe explore concepts about the reviews that you're aggregating and what separates the site. Currently see the percentages but not knowing how you came to that number.
@jadlimcaco for sure, that's feedback we've gotten recently and we're working on improvements there. The team is 3-4 folks, they all work at Uber and we grind once a week at night. We started around April with a weekend hackathon to get bare bones review aggregation together. We started with Google Sheets and manual processing and started automating from there! As for score methodology, here's a post outlining it:

keep adding products


good sorting and arrangement


will figure it out