GE Sol

A bright idea for smart home, integrated with Alexa

GE Sol is an all-in-one smart light that has the features, functionality, and voice control of Amazon Alexa.

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Hello to all the product hunters out there! We, at Ge Lighting, just launched a great new product for all you who want to make your home a better place...called Sol.... we have had a very small dedicated team of “geeks" and other great makers working together for many months to bring you some Sol, while giving a simple and seamless experience from the mobile app installation to everyday use. As always, the team and I would love to receive your feedback and questions… We truly love interacting directly with our customers about their solfull experience ;) Tom
@tom_stimac Hi Tom, I'm in the UK, any way I can buy this? 🤔
@benkingntu Hi Ben. Thanks for your interest! This product is available and accessible in the U.S. only to start, but we hope to expand that down the line, so stay tuned!
I thought I was looking at a Dyson product
@antonio_bologna that was exactly my thought!
Alexa is integrating with everything. Yesterday @tim wrote about their rumored Alexa-powered glasses on FT. 😮 @tom_stimac – I'm curious what features you're planning to build next (or maybe things you and the team wanted to add into this first release)
@tim @rrhoover Ryan, great question. We’re really excited to have some great lighting features in this first iteration, including a visual timer, a visual clock, tunable white light and sleep enabled light. We’re proud to launch this with Amazon Alexa, who has the widest voice penetration in the smart home market today, but in the future, it could be expanded to other voice services, so that’s one. We’d also consider different finishes and modified designs in the future... it would be great to hear what features others would want, so please post away!
So it is Alexa and a light. And it doesn’t dry my hands. I think I get it. By why do I need it?
Hi guys ! a very nice thing ! I`m getting inspired whenever I see any new thing built to improve our huses ! I`m with you !!