With only a couple of dates to go until GDPR comes into force, companies are scrambling to comply. However some are doing terrible jobs!

Feel free to submit your own stories! On Twitter https://twitter.com/ow, or emailing gdpr@owened.co.nz

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This project is petty and insulting. You could've built something to help people instead of shitting on companies - some of them even DO comply with the GDPR but you just didn't like their changes (e.g. Razer).

⚠️ Worst of all: your website is NOT GDPR compliant. 👎

It doesn't have a Privacy Policy and breaks GDPR compliance by sharing personal data with FOUR different third parties: Twitter, Cloudflare, Google Fonts, Google Tag Manager (analytics).

Your "GDPR Hall of Shame" is the prime example of what should be on the GDPR Hall of Shame.


Potential to showcase websites that intentionally don't comply or abuse data privacy.


Petty, apathetic towards these companies, founder clearly doesn't understand the GDPR (website is not compliant with GDPR).

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Why is it Owen's job to help companies, who had two years to be GDPR complaint, become GDPR complaint? But thank you for standing up for corporations, they definitely need it.
Why side with the companies on this?
But is the hall of shame GDPR compliant?
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@owenandrews_ Except for Google Analytics, yes! Love to replace that with something else...
@ow Google Analytics can’t be used for website analytics anymore if one wants to be GDPR compliant?
@owenandrews_ No it's not, it shares data with FOUR different parties: Twitter, Cloudflare, Google Fonts, Google Tag Manager (analytics) and doesn't have a Privacy Policy. 👎
@owenandrews_ Wont anonymising the IP make it GDPR compliant ?
@owenandrews_ @ow i'll have a solution for gdpr approved stats tracking.... soon.
LOL at all the sour people here who are calling this petty. @Ow Owen, you did a great job. GDPR has been in the making for two years, people should have been preparing and not scrambling at the last minute.
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@aaroniclee I agree with your statement, but this website seems scrambled as well. Done last minute mocking companies who actually looked up the GDPR regulations and decided how they want to comply. @ow Did not even look into making the website compliant... Strangely his main product char.gd appears to be compliant.
@aaroniclee @empty2k12 What are we talking about compliance-wise? As far as I can see, anonymizing Google Analytics should be sufficient, and it's the only snippet I'm loading.
@ow @aaroniclee Do European companies have to follow all U.S. privacy and internet laws as well as their own?

this product is the opposite of product hunt. Where product hunt tries to highlight good things.

This aims to highlight and mock what it deems to be bad.




mocks companies for moving mountains to comply with a new very broad very strict regulation. While this website violates that regulation

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Moving mountains, huh? The companies shouldn’t have build these mountains in the first place. It’s fair that they get now a share of their medicine
This is petty. Owen, if you worked at a company that implemented updates for GDPR, you would have empathy for the complexity and work required to meet the regulations. Sitting on the sidelines and pointing fingers doesn't build you any personal credibility. Why not spend the time highlighting companies which are doing delightful things to provide privacy to users?
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@aethelyon I'll happily make the antithesis to this, gdprshowcase.com, if people want to send them over!
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@aethelyon @ow Yeah, pretty sad dude. This is a stressful time for a lot of people running businesses, and sitting there pointing fingers when you're not having to deal with the weight of similar decisions is obnoxious.
@ow off the cuff, Marvel has done a great job. so has Strava, which had the added complexity of processing data that could be considered health data.
@aethelyon @ow don't let the naysayers get you down - gdpr has been on its way for 2 years. As a business owner and consumer, I love your site
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@aethelyon @heynaeem Eh? They've had two years to prepare. Sympathy, yes, but also - there is no excuse!