The easiest way to handle data subject access requests

GDPR Form gathers all requests, tracks their progress and streamlines the response to data subjects. Easy-to-configure web form for your customers & website visitors.

We help you stay on top of GDPR requests, monitor progress of administration and simplify internal follow-up.

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6 Reviews3.3/5

These guys are doing some great work with, and Helping us all to be compliant better and faster!


Using it at Salesflare and liking it! Easy way to give data subjects all the necessary options to exercise their rights.


Zapier connection would be awesome

Thanks for the kind review Jeroen. We're looking into the Zapier integration ;)
We’re proud to announce our latest GDPR project. After creating the GDPR Checklist, we started building GDPR Form to simplify managing data subject access requests. Currently, +150 companies are already using GDPR Form to manage their DSARs including leading companies like Baremetrics, Readme & Laravel Forge. Features - Multi-language; we currently support seven languages and have some more in the pipeline 🇳🇱🇫🇷🇩🇪🇷🇴🇬🇧🇮🇹🇪🇸🇺🇸 - User-friendly form (e.g., - Easy-to-use overview to manage requests (paid version) - White-label (paid version) - Integrations (upcoming) Please let us know your feedback below. Sign up using the link at the top to get a 20% discount.
GPDR Is a total disaster and is going to ruin the Internet that everyone loves. What I would pay for is a solution to completely block the EU from accessing my web sites. I also love how there are a million rackets coming from this GDPR scam (coincidentally most based in the EU). Also interesting how quiet Silicon Valley has been about this and how up in arms they were over Net Neutrality. GDPR hands down is the biggest disaster since the Internet was created. Thanks for nothing, EU. You suck.
@new_user_c8fbaa9a13 “GPDR ... is going to ruin the Internet that everyone loves.” Pls speak just for yourself. My point of view is the opposite - GDPR is the start to get back to the internet l love.
@new_user_c8fbaa9a13 You might want to checkout this excellent post which goes through some arguments against the law and dissects truth from fiction:
Whoa! The pricing needs work! I don’t mean to be rude, it’s just hard to tell the value on the website (for example, v.s. setting up a Google Doc). Will give it a try though.
why is whitelabel paid?
@digitalmcoach Hi Fran, from our customer research we discovered that smaller clients aren't interested in this functionality. White-label is something power users are willing to pay for. With this pricing model, we can keep it sustainable for our free users. Did this answer your question?