GDPR Compliant Badges

Show the world your product is GDPR Compliant

Making your product and services 100% GDPR Compliant hasn't been easy, so now that you made it, show your visitors and customers you are GDPR Compliant by placing a "GDPR Compliant" badge on your website or app.

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I'm sorry but allowing anyone to display a GDPR Compliancy badge with no verification whatsoever seems to me like a complete opposite of the GDPR spirit.


Quite nice looking


Bad practise

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Romain, anyone can simply write on their website that they are GDPR Compliant or make badges of their own… the purpose of these badges is simply to make people's life easier if they don't have the artistic skills to create one by simply copy-pasting a line of code.
I'd like to elaborate a bit on my negative review. The GDPR is a fantastic opportunity for our industry to build trust between companies and end-users. It sets up a technical and legal framework that every company has to follow. In a way, we all play according to the same rule, now. Encouraging the display of a GDPR compliant badge like this one will just slams the trust when one of your clients will do something completely irresponsible... Plus you're serving this badge from your server, meaning you're collecting IP addresses, cookies... That's not very GDPR friendly.
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@rbessuges Hi Romain, we’re hosting the image source to make it easy for developers to simply copy-paste, however you’re free to save the image on your own server if you like. We don’t collect any IPs or Cookies... what made you think so?
@ynotrusso You're at least collecting IPs, in your server logs (that's an obligation in EU). And about cookies, just because you don't, doesn't mean you won't.
@ynotrusso This: „Can I redistribute these badges? No. If you'd like to share these badges with the world, please point to the original source (this page)?”
@llabball Meaning, don't create a page full of this badges to share them (or claim that you made them yourself), instead point to the original source. This point is about re-distribution.
Not feeling it. Broadcasting that you’re GDPR compliant isn’t something really to advertise. You SHOULD be GDPR compliant. It’s not like a bonus optional extra. Everyone should be GDPR compliant and these badges just aren’t necessary. On the flip side, all it takes is one idiot who is NOT compliant to use this badge and then the whole exercise is meaningless.
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@mickc79 Every company in the EU, but not outside the EU. When you browse the web for vendors, you come across lots of products from all over the world, so identifying which ones are GDPR compliant instantly from their website makes your life easier when deciding which vendors to consider.
@ynotrusso but how many will ACTUALLY be GDPR compliant? This badge counts for nothing, really.
Well, this seems like a solid way to collect those backlinks. 😜
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@ezekgabrielse not mandatory but appreciated :)
You're showing the badge, but you're not compliant yourself...
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@hotgeart We've done extensive work to make sure we are GDPR compliant. What makes you think otherwise?
@hotgeart @ynotrusso Looks like you are setting cookies without prior consent.