GaZoom (open beta)

The platform for gamer, to share clips & find fitting mates

GaZoom solves the stigmas that exist on social media as well as the problems with match making. With GaZoom, you simply share your gaming clips with your gaming buddies or find fitting mates for your upcoming gaming session within seconds.

Try us and share your thoughts on it. Help us build this community, one download/feedback at a time! 😊

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Loch Wansbrough‏Software Dev @TrackerNetwork
Congrats on the launch Lucas. If you’re looking for ways to improve the experience for your users by providing statistics as part of the match making system, perhaps our service can be of some help. It’s called Scout and you can check it out at — send an email to if you’d like to know more. Cheers and good luck!
Lucas Leisner
Love gaming with my friends
After months of hard work, we’re ready to share what we've been working on. Let me introduce you to GaZoom, the platform to freely share gaming content with your friends and find fitting mates within seconds. All this without the fear of getting weird looks or comments from your non-gamer friends on your other social media accounts. We started GaZoom out of our own frustration with current Match Making as well as how people are restricted in the way they can share their gaming content with their (gaming) friends, due to existing stigmas on current social media. We always loved the idea of being able to find fitting mates who just click with you within seconds.