Long distance movie night

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Aww, I could've used this in the 90's when I used to watch movies at the same time with online friends.
@nikkielizdemere haha, lets hope you find it useful in the 10's.
Cool product but the logo is a bit is hard to read...
@UXAndrew Thanks for the feedback. Is the logo too thin for you or is to something else?
As someone in a long distance relationship, I'd love to give big props to the founders for allowing my gf and I to now watch The Office together.
@ghobs91 Thanks Ghobs! We used to do exactly the same thing with our SO, back she we were in LDRs, "3, 2, 1...GO" it was a pain... Hopefully you and your SO can make the most of this!
So Google hangouts?
@tysonquick Hangouts only lets you watch youtube videos together if I'm not mistaken, this also works with files you have locally.
@ghobs91 @tysonquick I can do an HD screen share of anything on my computer.
@tysonquick @ghobs91 But then the other person can no longer see you. This makes it so that you both watch the video with the other person virtually "accompanying" you.
@ghobs91 You definitely understand the value proposition!
Hi peeps, Co-Founder here. Would love to talk to you folks and answer any questions you may have! P&L