Options trading made simple.

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Gatsby is a reimagined options trading app that cuts through the jargon and makes options simple, social, and approachable to everyone.

Emil Veltchev
Matthew Saleh
Mariana Alcocer
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    Simple easy to use and cheap


    Needs more users

    Needs to have a big market of users

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Jeff Myers
Jeff MyersMaker@jeffmyers123
Thanks Chris, and hey guys - thanks for checking out Gatsby! We think that options are really powerful, and yet none of our friends use them because they feel too complicated. We wanted to re-think the experience to make it simpler and more social. We're in beta and are onboarding waitlisters each week over the next couple months. Please signup and give us feedback!
Jeff Myers
Jeff MyersMaker@jeffmyers123
@jeffmyers123 Answering a couple q's below! There is no account minimum to get started. You connect your bank details securely with Plaid, and can start trading within a few minutes of signing up. You can see what your friends are trading on / against. We don't do binary options!
Peter Miles
Peter Miles@peter_miles · CEO Unizest Ltd
This is a brilliant product that gives everyone now the 'option' (uh hu!) of trading within a much simpler and intuitive environment - great job Gatsby - well done.
Emil Veltchev
Emil Veltchev@emil_veltchev
This is awesome - what's the minimum amount to start trading?
Jeff Myers
Jeff MyersMaker@jeffmyers123
@emil_veltchev There's no minimum!
Emil Veltchev
Emil Veltchev@emil_veltchev
@jeffmyers123 sweet! Excited to give it a try!
Duncan Campbell
Duncan Campbell@duncan_campbell
I have really enjoyed using the beta version of this product. Makes something complex so simple and accessible for anyone.
Jeff Myers
Jeff MyersMaker@jeffmyers123
@duncan_campbell Glad you like it :)
Thomas Bond
Thomas Bond@thomasbond2
Love this idea! Have used the beta version and it's super simple and intuitive. Great work guys