Turn customers into authentic micro-influencers

Gatsby makes it easier for B2C brands to run authentic marketing campaigns by sourcing micro-influencers from your actual customer-base.

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Offering a perspective from the world of marketing tech, I highly recommend this product!
Thanks @ninarstepanov! We're proud to share this with the Product Hunt community. Our vision is to scale authentic influencer marketing. By authentic, we mean that the people promoting a brand genuinely love and purchase those brand's products - aka real customers. By converting real customers into influencers, brands build stronger relationships with their existing fans, and get a warm intro into a similar audience. Our beta customers have been seeing promising results. Take Coloured Raine Cosmetics for example. In their first 3 weeks using Gatsby, they: - Identified the social profiles of nearly 1500 site visitors - Turned 432 customers into Instagram followers - Saw 352 people share Coloured Raine with their Facebook friends - Sourced 100+ customers with > 1,000 followers as potential influencers If you want to see the consumer-side of their campaign, click the pink 10% button on their site ( or our demo site: Thanks to everyone for your support. It's been a lot of hard work by a small team, and we're building against a big vision and roadmap. Can't wait to share what's coming (ie; Full white label functionality is about a week away and Q1 is going to be exciting...). If you have any questions, I will be available on Product Hunt and Intercom Chat. To start a free trial on Shopify: To start a free trial on Hubspot: To start a free trial on any other platform: To redeem our Product Hunt offer (2 months free), send me an email at and mention this launch. It's being offered to the first 250 installs today. Thanks for checking us out! -Brett
Nicer people than the folks at Gatsby you will not find. They truly work hard to not just make their product better and better, but their clients more successful as well. Highly recommend their platform.
Awesome product by an awesome team. Gret work @bhbern!!