The minimal, modular organizer that cuts through the clutter

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I guess someone has to balance the hype.. What the hell? $100 AFTER DISCOUNT for a few office supply boxes? I find it ridiculous. If you're not a tidy person, this won't make you one. And even if it would... you could just buy a few boxes with the same shape for what.. $10? probably cheaper from China. Can anyone here rationally justify purchasing this for themselves?
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@danr_4 1) He did it for me (I'm not going to take the time to order random pieces from China and put something like this together myself). 2) He told a great story I saw myself in. 3) He thought through the details. 4) I like the brand and already know the products are good quality. 5) I enjoy good design and craftsmanship—it makes me happy. Not here to argue, just answering your question to hopefully give you more insight into the mindset of a consumer that maybe you can apply to your own business to some success.
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@seanwes Notice you didn't even mention the reason this product was actually made for - to stay more organized. You seem to be pretty self-conscious, do you realize you're paying $100 for something you don't need?
@danr_4 @seanwes I believe that someone who is cluttered is going to stay cluttered, even though they might buy products like this in the hopes that it will help. Notice in the video that papers added a lot of clutter to his desk yet this didn't solve that issue at all. Some people just think differently and need a bit of disorganization to help them find things.
@danr_4 watch out, I hear malls have lots of products that cost even hundreds of dollars. I am sure no one buys the products though. So many irrational people though. Its like people buy products for more than just the utility of it. Things like product quality, materials, design, the brand perception that comes with it to communicate to others around them what values they care about or what they aspire to be. Buying all these products they don't need. Just give them a roof, bread, and water. That's all they need.
@jcwinter God forbid there are products in the world that cost more than $5. Seriously though, I backed this project because I believe in Ugmonk, I like Jeff's attention to detail, my desk could use some organization, and I appreciate high quality products that don't skimp on the details or materials. Sure, you could buy a $5 iPhone dock on Amazon, but people who buy from companies like Grovemade ( don't care about the cheap knock-off options. They want quality and they like to invest in companies that produce quality. So if people don't like it, they don't have to buy it. End of story.
Wow....$149 for a block of wood and some plastic bins. No thanks.
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@neurohacked Don't you see the iPhone? ...and sticky notes aren't exactly cheap either.
Now this would look great on the Autonomous desks I'm about to order! 👨‍💻
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@kunalslab a match made in heaven :)
@kunalslab just thinking the same
@mscccc we'll have to do another edition of "Share Your Workspace" in December (unless @ugmonk can ship sooner!). I'm trying to design an office purely based on Product Hunt recommendations. ☺️
@kunalslab I was totally thinking this weekend that would be cool to have on PH profile pages.
@mscccc yes! We'll have to discuss this further offline. Been meaning to put my thoughts down on profiles and company pages!
To me @ugmonk has a really interesting brand. Besides @studioneat he's the only niche business I've bought physical products from. Just backed this one as well!
@mijustin @studioneat Thanks Justin! I'm in good company :)
I got to see the prototype in action and was blown away. I already backed this morning. So excited about this. SO needed!
@brandenharvey Yes! So excited to finally get it on your hands.