The minimal, modular organizer that cuts through the clutter

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Dan Rosenshain
@danr_4 · I try to be honest
I guess someone has to balance the hype.. What the hell? $100 AFTER DISCOUNT for a few office supply boxes? I find it ridiculous. If you're not a tidy person, this won't make you one. And even if it would... you could just buy a few boxes with the same shape for what.. $10? probably cheaper from China. Can anyone here rationally justify purchasing this for t… See more
Patrick Thompson
Wow....$149 for a block of wood and some plastic bins. No thanks.
Kunal Bhatia
@kunalslab · Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
Now this would look great on the Autonomous desks I'm about to order! 👨‍💻
Justin Jackson
@mijustin · MegaMaker
To me @ugmonk has a really interesting brand. Besides @studioneat he's the only niche business I've bought physical products from. Just backed this one as well!
Branden Harvey
@brandenharvey · Founder, Goodnewspaper
I got to see the prototype in action and was blown away. I already backed this morning. So excited about this. SO needed!