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We're Greg & Aaron, and despite all our time at MIT & Google, we still have no idea what "LOL kewl 🍔🚀🐼" means. Seriously though, we think the convenience of Emoji and Animated GIFs often wins out over more interesting communication. Sure, that’s been ok for a while (and doodling on images helps), but we always feel like we're talking to friends through a cardboard tube. Our goal was to create a more expressive channel that kept things light, fun, and asynchronous. That's Gather. It allows you to quickly record great-looking video reactions to anything from the new Star Wars trailer to a Tinder screenshot of a potential date. Reactions capture how you actually feel so you don’t have to resort to pandas. Watching friends' reactions makes it feel like they're right there with you. But don't worry, it's not awkard video messaging. Reactions have purpose because they have context - you're reacting TO something. That said, people need to feel comfortable recording video. We spent a ton of time refining how the videos work to create a high-fidelity communication channel that won't make you freak out because your hair is a mess. That's one example of our focus on a delightful user experience, but we also thought hard about things like communication workflows, privacy, and security. Anyway, enough jabbering. Ask us anything! We're dying to know what the PH crowd thinks of our take on async communication.
I really like the idea, it has potential if it catches on among students. I wish I had an iphone now :)
@blfarago Thanks Balint! Want to help us port to Android? :)
congrats guys!
@grinich thanks!!!
@azinman Just going through the sign-up process. Well done on getting people through a lot. I love the idea and was curious to see how easy you made it to bring others along - as that is super important...getting the right friends into the app. I assume it becomes addictive once people use it, but there is some threshold of the number of friends. What are you seeing?
@corleyh Thanks Corley! It was a lot to convey, and while we're always iterating to make things better it did take a while go to the onboard we have! Like everything social, the more friends you have on it the better. However what's a little different is that here it's more about your close friends than the FB friends you don't really know. So if you can even get just one small clique on then that's a nice interaction pattern right there! I'd recommend inviting at least 1-3 people that you either don't see very often, or are otherwise in regular digital contact with!
Seeding the reactions amongst a user's network with curated Trending content is totally brilliant.
Thanks Adam!! Now go and share some :) @adambmedia