Gate Smart Lock

The first all-in-one connected smart lock

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Hey everyone! I’m Ehsan, CEO and co-founder of Gate. Today I’m happy to announce the launch of our Indiegogo campaign. The Gate team has been working extremely hard over the past 2 years to create the best smart lock in the market. Please head on over to our campaign page, and see for yourself what Gate has to offer. We also have a limited number of heavily discounted Gates available, for Product Hunters only! Use to see the perk. To answer some common questions: How is Gate different from August? For August to have all the device functionalities of Gate, you will need to buy 4 products: The August Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam, Smart Keypad, and Connect. In total this costs $559 at retail, compared to Gate's $179 Indiegogo Super Early Bird ($299 retail). Rather than having to set up 4 separate products, Gate is a single device that takes only 4 minutes to install. Also, being one device, Gate is more reliable in that it would not have to talk to multiple pieces of hardware via bluetooth radio. How is Gate different from Ring? Ring is a camera doorbell that does not unlock the door. Gate has all the functionalities of Ring (Motion-activated camera, 2-way audio), as well as all its added capabilities including remote lock/unlock and pin access codes. Does Gate integrate with ______________? Gate directly connects to home Wifi, so no need for additional hubs or devices. Gate is able to work with other wifi-connected devices. Amazon Alexa is already Gate-compatible and other integrations such as HomeKit, Nest, IFTTT are on our product roadmap. What is Gate's expected battery life? 4-months before needing a recharge. Note that the battery pack is also very easily swappable. Happy to answer any other questions.
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@ehsan_saeedi How are you handling security? Specifically, Bluetooth capture and replay? (
@calevans All data and video channels from Gate to home wifi router are fully encrypted, very similar to the encryption used in mobile banking. We use Wifi instead of bluetooth for setup, data transfers and lock/unlock, that is why you can remotely lock and unlock Gate.
@ehsan_saeedi Good answer. Now one final hard question. Have you planned for what happens to the lock when (not if, when) you shut down the API. Wil you release the API's source code so that others can set it up? Will the device still be usable as a standard lock? Or will (as so many IoT devices are these days) simply be bricked and have to be replaced? What is your plan?
@calevans @ehsan_saeedi if your Wi-Fi is down. The lock works as usual, all the sensors work. It only will not be able to be controlled remotely. your keypad will work as usual and you physical key will work as usual as well
@danial @calevans @ehsan_saeedi it's been mentioned a few times (I'm a backer now! currently with August) - but definitely no Bluetooth radio? It seems as though that would allow the phone usage still (which has been fairly reliable for me on approach).
Love this! Especially since I travel a ton and can use it for my airbnb listings.
@vinojeya Thanks for the support!
Woohoo! Thought I'll share again that there's a PH special link here to get $15 off the Super Early Bird price.
Awesome product and value! I pledged yesterday already when I read about it on Techcrunch. I've been looking for a more perfect solution for my front door, but the Ring only provided the doorbell while this provides all the features in one unit. I hope you guys can ship close to your estimate, that would be excellent!
@thomas_tomhawk_burningham Thanks Thomas for your support and I will respond to your question on Indiegogo page.
My biggest concern with smart locks is that in the UK 95% of all front doors are multi point locks and almost all smart locks are single point locks. Because of this smart locks should be considered as an additional lock to your door and will only work for piece of mind use cases like "not sure whether I locked my door, let's lock my smart lock"