GASP Gallery

Algorithmically generated art prints that are 100% unique

GASP Gallery is a platform where art buyers can become a part of the creative process, tailor the art to their liking, and buy museum-quality prints that are always 100% unique. We also enable digital artists to effortlessly create and sell art in a new way.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
We're three Product Managers with a shared passion for building things, art and interior design/decorating. We've been working on GASP as a way to change the way people buy art, and we are excited to share it with y'all. Have you ever been shopping for art and see something you like but the colors won’t work in your home? Or a piece that appeals to you but you want to tweak it just a little? Or you want to have art that you have a personal connection to and not a random print you found online that 10000 people also have in their home? GASP Gallery aims to create an art buying experience where you can be a part of the creative process. You’ll see a few different styles that you can customize to your liking before you buy. Each style has different parameters that you can tweak like color, hue, density, turbulence, and more. And every print you generate with GASP is unique because the art is powered by algorithms that the artists write. We are still very early on and have a lot of really fun ideas. We hope to get many more artists on board and help creative coders sell their art in a new way. I would love for y’all to check it out, share it if it’s something you enjoy, and reach out and share your thoughts and feedback with us. And if you want to buy something, use the code PRODUCTHUNT to get 25% off your purchase.
Well, I guess I'll be the first to comment. I think this fantastic. Love the concept the variety and quality of the designs. Really great job, and continue on
this is a great and novel way of selling art! Looking around and tweaking the settings already is fun. But the idea of getting a guaranteed unique piece of art completely adapted to your liking certainly appeals to me. As a developer it feels like I'm buying the endresult of an esthetically pleasing algorithm, while still havindg *some* control on the process.