GaryVee Punchlines

Replace your facebook news feed with GaryVee punchlines. 👊

GaryVee punchlines is a funny chrome extension that’s keep you inspired and focus when you scroll through your facebook feed!

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Julien Coulaud
Julien CoulaudHunter@juliencoulaud · Lead Dev. Constantly testing new ideas!
@garyvee I hope you don't mind using your quotes for this extension :)
Federico Jorge
Federico JorgePro@federicojorge · SaaS LeadGen Copywriter
Claire Pigny
Claire Pigny@claire_pigny
So funny ! Thx !
Loïc Laudet
Loïc LaudetMaker@loiclaudet
@claire_pigny Thanks Claire ! I'm glad you like it.
Daniel White
Daniel White@stealthywizard · UI / UX Designer @Appster
This is amazing! 👌
Loïc Laudet
Loïc LaudetMaker@loiclaudet
@stealthywizard Thank you Daniel ! :)