Martin Garrix's personal chatbot

GarrixBot is the personal chatbot for the DJ Martin Garrix, which lets you learn about his latest information and songs, right from Messenger.

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Hello Producthunters, I am so happy to finally launch my 1st project on Product Hunt. I am Alexandre Mouriec, maker of GarrixBot. GarrixBot is a personal chatbot for the DJ Martin Garrix. With this bot, you can interact with Martin Garrix, by learning about him, see his next concerts, his songs, videos and many more things. I made a Q&A part (inspired by @joshbocanegra . Thank you very much for inspiring me to build this) Inspired by the SelenaBot made by @joshbocanegra and the comment of Ben Tossell, I thought why not make a bot for an artist I like. I agree with @bentossell and @joshbocanegra and think celebrity chatbots have a huge potential, and I want to be part of this community. I will be here all day answering your questions and receiving your feedback. AMA
@mrcalexandre Good stuff!! Happy to inspire.
Hi Alexander. I wd like to ask you if you're thinking about introducing or similar for a more conversational experience, or do you think the future of bots are just precooked replies. Congratulations for the amazing work!
@davidcreixell Hi David, Great one. When I thought about building Garrixbot, I began on paper and wrote all the informations I wanted to share. Because there were a lot of informations I thought it was easier to build a bot with buttons for navigation. In my opinion, I think the future of bots is a mix of both. It depends of the type of bots you build. For example, if you use an Uber bot, you know what it can do and the bot needs to receive informations to store. For celebrities bot, it's not the same. Celebrities Bots sounds easier to use IMO with precooked replies because you know what you can ask for. But I know precooked replies feel more rigid, some users of GarrixBot are beginning to ask questions so I will use this data to improve the conversational experience. This is a version 1.0, by analyzing how people use it, I will be able to improve the experience. To build this bot, I used Chatfuel and plan to use their AI part to build a more conversational experience if there is a demand for this bot. To be honest, it's my first finished bot so I need to really work and learn this tools :) I never use or Thank you very much, it means a lot for me. 🙏
@davidcreixell I think building a version 1.0 with buttons and then using the data from the v1.0 to build a 2.0 with conversational experience is a good strategy because you know how people use your bot.
Great job on this bot Alexandre! I shared it on EDM Sauce.
@stevenjacobs_ Thank you very much. I just read it. Thanks so much for writing about it 👍
Are you associated with Garrix? 😯
@ambonium No I am not affiliated with Martin Garrix. But I would love to :)
@mrcalexandre @ambonium He usually checks the tweets we send to him. Only a matter of time before he sees it.
Hi, so after a crazy ADE weekend I decided to go back to my parents and meet my new little baby. It was a short visit and had to go to London to visit my friend Martin Garrix who had to play there.