A magical plant & animal identifier that's loads of fun

I’m super excited for the release of Gardex, this was something we soft launched inside of Audrey 5 months ago to reimagine learning using computer vision and finally spun it out as its own product…to allow anyone anywhere to have fun and learn about the world around them using the computing power they carry in their pocket. Gardex is going to be an exciting educational platform for the next generation to really reimagine the ability to learn in a transformative and immersive way.
@nicholassheriff You mean my phone is a tricorder too now? Sign me up! Seriously though, I can't wait to show this to my grandfather...he worked as a landscape architect so he'll get a kick out of playing with this on his iPad.
@mostlymarius Yes!!! Ha Marius, you are envisioning it now and be sure to dm me on twitter I'd love to hear about how he's enjoying it. This is just the beginning: Do you wonder about the fruits and berries new to you when you visit a new country or city? Do you want to instantly know about their history, nutritional content and holistic benefits? Are you always wondering if that's poision ivy or not or want to get an immersive experience about a beautiful bird you saw on your way to work? For a new generation growing up as kids with super computers in their hands this is learning reimagined for them at the very moment they are inquiring about what this is, and what it does and how does it do this and that....Gardex is there to deliver. Live long and prosper my friend.
@mostlymarius A new update just went live an hour ago :D and it includes our in app purchase subscription after the 24 hour trail period so I'm making Gardex free for now and hoping the community will support us in the coming months after trying it out for themselves.
This is very cool! The hit rate is a bit off (but honestly what a hard thing to build). It thought my lemon tree was a bay tree and then a butter churn but it got my rubber tree straight off. 😅✌️ keep up the good work guys and gals 👊
@travisleestreet We're a small team still trying to raise a seed round, this is only the beginning just attempting to do this took everything just this mvp thanks man. There are over 874 million, possible species and their various characteristics that can identify them. we aren't born knowing what a cat or bird is and what species we're looking at, we'd need to know and understand every single species known to man and their characteristics that identify them. So all we had to do is look and identify each one. But if we had 10 people checking one image a minute for 24 hours every day, seven days every week, how many days do you think it would take to view each of the images and compare it to what we're seeing and make a guess as to it's identification that we also could get wrong? 12 not days years 12 trillion years We would have to check 12 trillion years worth of images and their characteristics in 5 seconds.
@nicholassheriff 😳 wow. When you put it like that what you're doing is pure magic 😙