Garden Igloo

Multipurpose geodesic dome designed as a garden and a canopy

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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréHunterPro@nikkielizdemere · B2B SaaS Consultant
"When enjoying the outdoors, it’s nice to have a sanctuary to protect against bugs and sudden inclement weather. The Garden Igloo is a transparent canopy for your garden that allows you to cherish the scenery all while being shielded under a geodesic dome. Its minimalist design offers a lot of versatility, and the product can function as a greenhouse, playground, gazebo, or quiet place to read. The seven-foot-tall Garden Igloo can be used year-round. Its standard package includes a skeleton frame, which leaves the piece completely open and allows a nice breeze to pass through the space—perfect for entertaining friends on a warm summer night. In the cooler months, a clear domed cover shields the Igloo from the harsher elements, making it ideal as a greenhouse or for a winter garden party."
SnapTwice@snaptwiceswan · Founder, SnapTwice
Great concept! We just created a before & after pair of the parts and the finished igloo and Tweeted it. and
Parker Woodward
Parker Woodward@parkerwoodward · Working to automate b2b referrals's a I wrong? I Love this and the product shots are beautiful...and I hope I'm wrong...but it seems like this would get super-hot in the sun, even with an opening for a breezeway (at least the clear version would I believe)...BUT for fall and winter and colder weather, this would be pretty awesome to have, plus doubling as a greenhouse, why seems like someone is just rebranding geodesic domes in a novel way, but again, why not, it's cool IMHO. Not sure why but I now really want to drink wine inside one of those things on a crisp Autumn Day :)