Reminders to stay in touch with friends, family and network

Garden is the personal relationship management app that sends you regular reminders to reach out to the people who matter most in your life. Never lose touch with friends, family or your network again. Just set how often to reach out to important contacts and Garden will send you reminder notifications.

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Personal CRMs is an interesting space for me. I've been using Airtable but it's not really built for this use case. I've been meaning to try Affinity and another unreleased app from a friend, although I'm hesitant to give those services complete access to my email inbox. Curious why you decided to build this, @zanderadell. Garden is quite different from your Doorman days. :)
@rrhoover Doorman's day to day was so operationally tactical that I often neglected the critical networking and regular communication part of the job. Great business communicators ping every possible lead every quarter... I was not doing that. I would follow up with someone once or twice, but then they would fall off my radar. And even when I barely had a handle on that, I was certainly neglecting communication with old friendships and distant relatives. So I was constantly on the search for a tool that would ping me at regular intervals about all the important people in my life... forever :) I never found it, so after Doorman I had to build Garden!
@rrhoover 1.) No need to worry about your email data with Affinity. We are working with some of the biggest VC, PE and publicly traded companies now. 2.) @zanderadell is one of the best product people I have every worked with. I think Garden is a great idea and love how he is tackling the personal CRM space. As we deflect from having our personal lives blasted on social platforms, something like Garden seems really helpful for keeping our most coveted relationships in check. Congrats Zander!
@rrhoover @annieg Thanks Annie!
This is yet another app where I can't *fathom* why it requires me to sign up. Based on what I can tell from the app here and in its App Store description, everything it does could be done locally without ever talking to the cloud -- or if backups and syncing really were necessary, could use CloudKit. It's not that I don't trust this company not to do anything nefarious with my data, but why am I constantly being asked to create an account by all these apps?
@topdownjimmy +1 Also, why do we have to allow access to all our contacts? We should be able to add contacts manually.
@gnaihc Ugh, of course it asks for access to all your contacts.
Hey PH! I hope you find Garden useful - it will make sure you don't lose touch with personal or professional relationships by pinging you at custom intervals. Monthly for your favorite relative, or quarterly for that business contact you want to keep up with. Already gotten some great product suggestions, would love to hear your questions, feedback, and ideas!
Any hopes of a web version or android version? I would much rather be able to sync to my google calendar and then get my reminders via my calendar that is synced with this.
@mastemine Definitely! And calendar sync is an important feature in the next rev.
Congrats on the launch Zander! What can we expect in the future from Garden? When will it become "multiplayer" ;-)
@eriktorenberg Thank you! I'm particularly excited about the possibilities in the Notes section. For instance I think it would be great if, before a phone call, I could see someone's latest Tweets, LinkedIn details, etc. And regarding multi-player, there are a lot of magical things that could happen if we hosted our own calls and texts...