Garçon Coffee is a coffee guide for people who travel abroad. Find the perfect coffee drink, see what it looks like, and learn how to order it! ☕️👌

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Hi everyone! 👋 TL;DR: I made a coffee menu for different countries. My name is Rob Diaz, I’m an art director and animator originally from Venezuela who drinks a lot of coffee. On a recent trip around Europe I wanted to try different coffee drinks in the places I was visiting, but I quickly realized that European cafes/restaurants usually don’t have a coffee menu, unless you visit a specialty coffee shop. I’ve never been involved professionally with coffee, nor have I been a barista, so my knowledge was quite limited and I ended up just drinking “lattes” everywhere. After a few weeks in Lisbon 🇵🇹, I noticed that I was getting funny looks while ordering a “Galão” (the Portuguese version of a latte) and I didn't know why. I talked to a local friend about it and he busted out laughing. 🤔 He said “that’s because you don’t drink a Galão unless it’s for breakfast or if you’re a 90 years old grandma!” 😂 So how do I know what to drink instead? I would like to try something else, but I don’t even know how to order or to pronounce it! There are a lot of guides on Google about coffee types but most of them are pretty generic and don’t include local drinks, so that’s when I decided to start doing some extensive research and create my own guide. Introducing… 🚫 No wait, I forgot to mention, I can’t code! 💀 So I started learning the basics of HTML, CSS, PHP, how to make dynamic websites and use databases. My goal was to create something simple, without frameworks or premium tools, so I could really know what I was doing. ...Garçon Coffee ☕️👌 a guide with information about coffee drinks from different countries, how they’re made and what they look like. It shows you how to order it with the exact phrase and an audio button so you can hear how to pronounce it. 📝 More places / drinks / languages coming soon! Let me know what you guys think! I’d love to get your feedback! 🙏 Thanks!!
@robbdiazz this is awesome! I had a similar experience in Germany when I lived there. I used to order an Iced Coffee "Eis Coffee" which is German could mean "iced coffee" but it more often meant "ice cream in your coffee!"!!!! I always made the mistake in my order. Now, I hear, iced coffee is more popular, but I would have loved this menu while I was there! Thanks for sharing!
@francium Thanks, Francesca! I know what you mean, I've also got the wrong order many times. Germany will be included soon, so I'll look into "Iced Coffee" to warn others if this is still happening :)
Love it!!! I would love to see you expand to show which coffee beans are popular in specific regions too.
@revhuff Hi Josh, thanks I'm glad you like it! 🙏 That's a good idea to show the importance of regions and different flavor!
for true coffee lovers just like me)
@janegale1 there's a few of us 🤓
This is a great idea @robbdiazz! "Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt" - Wittgenstein "The limits of my language mean the limits of my world" - Wittgenstein If your world is fueled by coffee, those limits could be pretty huge ;) BTW, why don't you include Venezuela? Nothing talks more about their culture than how you ask for coffee.
@tukeke Hey Mauricio, thank you! 🙏 Venezuela is definitely on the list! 🇻🇪