In my opinion, poor quality Whiteboard paint, do not buy

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Don't waste your money

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I love this type of stuff! I'm in a co-working space now called Pipeline and each office has a whiteboard wall.
"ReMARKable™ is a whiteboard paint kit that turns any surface into a dry erase board. One simple step turns drywall, plaster, metal, or tile into a dry-erase surface. Once your surface is ReMARKable, you can write on it using low odor dry-erase markers or apply stickers to it, then wipe it clean and do it again."
Love this idea! Does it work on desks? Like if I wanted to turn a wooden desk into a whiteboard desk?
Oh boy, watch out, I'm going to be painting everything with this stuff...
Cool product, but how is this different than IdeaPaint which has been around for several years?
@maxwellfinn @ibuildtribes Would love to try this out. I have used IdeaPaint before and some other paints like this. Biggest problem was the slow deterioration in the erasibility. After a while, it was a wall with "faded memories" on it.
@maxwellfinn @ibuildtribes @rameshdot0 This is true. Has anyone used any idea paint type product that doesn't immediately turn to shit?