No code mobile app builder like Bubble with faster drag/drop

Another great tool in the no code movement. They say you can build a mobile app in 60 minutes. Competitively priced, solid interface.
Drag & Drop Interface- Advanced app features by dragging them from their library of features & dropping them into your app.
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Considering the prices are not too far off from each other, I would probably still use over Gappsy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@nicbyron You can use any platform. Please keep in mind that the Gappsy packages are limited to one app per package, one app for android, apple and pwa. But, we do not have any limitations on storage. Competitors often try to lure you in with "unlimited" apps, but give you limitations on storage at the same time. Limitations on push notifications, limitations on other things aswell. And often, a non-existent customer support. A lot of clients moved to us because we do have an existent customer support. Instead of emailing a competitor of ours and getting an email back 10 days later, clients can send us a message and receive a message back within a few hours, at the most a day. We are not here to convince anyone. It's totally up to you which choice you will make. If you ever need any help or assistance with launching an app, feel free to reach out to us on We not only help you build and launch your app, we also help you by strategizing with you about getting more downloads and users and about ways to monetize your app. We do not take any cuts, no hidden fees. We just try to add value to your business.
A credit card is required to start the trial, and then you actually need a paying subscription to start testing anything?
@byron_hsu1 No you can get started for FREE. Just sign up for a Basic or Premium package. You won't be billed. You can test it out for free for 7 days. After the 7th day, if you do not cancel, you will get billed. If you need any help, feel free to reach out on we will personally guide you during your free trial.
@byron_hsu1 @bartu_gappsy It says a 7 day trial instead of 14. Why is that?
@byron_hsu1 @raunaqgupta Thanks for your reply. We changed our homepage. Moving towards a 7 day trial. Reason being: It's very easy to create your app within that time period. It takes just an hour, maybe a few tops. We noticed that we scared people with the 14 day trial since they thought it would take that long to build their app. It isn't that complex. If you need any help, feel free to reach out.
Prices are too high. There is not so much profit from an application that we can pay it.
@spaksu You can make a lot of money with a mobile app. If you need any help or suggestions regarding this, feel free to reach out on our website. We are looking forward to personally help you launch a mobile app.
Is there somewhere to see an example of an app built on Gappsy?
@mrmikestreet You can download the Gappsy Mobile app on your phone! Also if you try our free trial, you will be able to view your app inside of the gappsy mobile app. You can see your app, while you build it. If you need any help, feel free to reach out. We are always here to help.
37 dollars and there's still Gappsy ads/branding???Thanks but no thanks. Maybe when that changes.
@juan_aguirre1 Respect your opinion. Maybe Gappsy isn't for you, thats okay. We deliver a lot with both of our packages. The support that you will be getting on its own is priceless. You will notice how important support is for an app, once you chose one of our competitors. We have heard numerous horror stories of people going with competitors. Bugs with the app, emails to support teams and then 10 days later responses.. When you have issues with an app, you want to get support right away. Time is money. We also secure your app accordingly and we make sure that you get the fastest hosting. Im not trying to convince you, just stating some facts. If you ever need some help, and want to get personal guidance in the app world, feel free to reach out.
@bartu_gappsy I've built apps with Kodular, thunkable, Adalo, Glide and many others. You might be pricing yourself out of a large chunk of the market. I've never really needed support, and it's hard to think you will be able to give great support once you reach thousands of users. What these app builders need are great communities, they are the ones that have always helped me solve every issue I've ever had. A great and active community is better than official support 95% of the time. Regards!