Gap to Great with Andrea Wien: Chris Guillebeau

Starting a business, motivation and finding your path

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I've been following Chris' work for years, so it was an absolute pleasure to finally get into his head a bit with this interview. I definitely walked away with some tips to implement in my own work.
Andrea Wien, author of Gap to Great, has recently embarked on a road trip to promote her book and support the concept of Gap Year in America and how to combat the ultimate return to reality. During her tour she is producing podcast episodes hosting other supporters of education and travel. The most recent episode description is as follows: Chris Guillebeau became an entrepreneur because - in his own words - “He wasn't good at anything.” After traveling to every country in the world before the age of 35, publishing a number of inspirational books and starting a successful annual event called World Domination Summit, he’s certainly proved himself wrong. In this podcast, Chris explains what keeps him motivated, why he challenged himself to visit very country in the world, how to build a following from zero, and when to move on from a business venture. For anyone trying to figure it out, this one is a must listen. Full show notes available: