Adjust age, gender, and emotion of faces with AI

All of the portraits in this demo are generated by an AI model called “StyleGAN”. Using a technique we call "semantic shaping", we're able to change the age, gender, or emotion of a face.
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This is wild. This is like v2 of the viral site,This Person Does Not Exist.
Hi all! Excited to share this (trippy) demo with the ProductHunt community. All of the portraits in this demo are computer-generated by a machine learning model called “StyleGAN”. While most of the recent excitement around StyleGAN centers around its amazing ability to generate infinite variation (e.g. <3), the emergent semantics encoded in the latent space are impressive as well. For instance, faces in this space allow for some semantic vector math, reminiscent of word2vec’s “king - man + woman = queen” ( We can find the latent representations of, say, smiling people. We can then average them and create a new semantic vector that, when added to pictures of non-smiling faces, makes them all smile. Some possible applications: - Generation of assets for games - Customizing ad photography by region/demographics - Lifelike, custom avatars - Compression - Modeling longitudinal medical imagery - Zero-shot inpainting, super-resolution, etc Happy to answer any questions! Shameless plug: if you're interested in working on this stuff with us, contact us at :)
Cool stuff Berkeley!
@greatwebguy Thanks Jason! It was a fun project - lots of interesting applications (and implications)
This is amazing. It won't be long before we have what Philip K Dick presaged in A Scanner Darkly — with his scramble suits. On the internet anyway.
It takes a while to load but the results are impressing.
@youngorwell thanks for the feedback! We moved everything to a CDN so it should be much faster now.