Turn your Google Calendar into a Gantt chart

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Hello Product Hunters! GANTTplanner is a side project of mine and I got the idea while working at my previous job. We used Google calendar a lot, but events can only be displayed in a daily, weekly and agenda view. This makes it very difficult to get a quick overview and to understand how those calendar events relate to each other. That's why I created GANTTplanner for everyone who is using Google Calendar to manage their projects. GANTTplanner visualizes your calendar as a simple Gantt chart. The cool thing about that? It enables you to group events and look at them with a unified timeline. It makes it much easier to see what is happening at every stage of your project. You can find dependencies at a glance and discover blockers much faster. As the product is just two weeks old I’m looking forward to receiving as much feedback as possible :)
ben Watanabe
96 Problems
@m_schweigi Very impressive side project. Going to have to test this out soon. Really like that it's all plugged into Google Calendar as I always am trying to avoid account creep… End up having to plan too much how you plan.
@benwtnb Thx a lot!. Let me know if you have any suggestions after you finished testing.
Julia Roy
Founder, workhacks
Ahhhh, i love this!