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In the future, will we simply print the things we buy. Death to shipping, the end of Amazon's greatest competitive advantage? 🤔 (I'm half-kidding)
@rrhoover haha I hope so!! We would save so much resources in transporting things across the planet!
@rrhoover Who do you think will have the best printers in strategically placed distribution centres? Amazon, that's who. Especially as materials get more exotic, people won't have in-house printing for most things but instead will order things online where it's 3D printed at a "local" warehouse and delivered via Drone (within the hour). My guess, anyway. =-)
Hi all, Thanks for checking us out! I started the company because of my interests in 3D printing. As a software guy, it's magical how physical things can be born out of a machine so easily. But quickly I realized that 3D printing as is still wasn't enough to help designers bring products to market - arguably the biggest problem in all consumer markets. I spent almost 2 years with an amazing group of people developing our technology platform to make it easy for designers to create high-quality products for sale. We built our own design system, our e-commerce shop, our 3D printing studio and sourced custom components to make this a reality. I'm so proud to share our first product category - table lights, with everyone here. You can go on to our site and shop designs or create your own designs. I hope you like what we have to offer. And if you're interested in bringing your idea to the market, I hope that we can work together to make it happen! Ian
@ianyang First of all, great job! My thoughts exactly on why the 3D print market isn't bigger. Secondly, are these designs compatible with all (or most of the) 3D printers out there? How about CNC Routers? I have a friend who uses both of these devices for similar projects. Thirdly, my idea for making the 3D printing market a succes would be having a 3D Printer with a 7 inch display which would have, alongside control/basic functions, your eCommerce website integrated as a software, giving the average consumer the possibility to 3D print a product only by tapping the design. [a few minutes later edit]: oh, my mistake. you can disregard my comment because i just realised that you sell the actual products, not the design for people to print themselves. anyway, nice work!
@ianyang Fantastic! It must have been difficult to decide on a launch product category. How did you choose table lamps?
@cosminbaluta thank you! Actually we do both. We sell the products AND we provide the STLs of our own designs for you to download (we called them Reference Products). Link is here https://www.gantri.com/create/do... We do still want to see 3D printers being in many homes of designers, so we want to give you something to play around with and learn how to best design for 3D printing :). Regarding CNC, we did think hard about that. The biggest problem is the setup cost. To make the process free for designers, we want to take out as many cost variables as possible. But CNC has its merits in accuracy and speed, so we would definitely consider it in the future.
@kkdub it was! The initial idea was iPhone cases (I know, cliche). But quickly we realized that to demonstrate what we can do we needed a category that is in high demand, formally flexible (designers have a lot of freedom to design their ideas), and is a bit harder to make for individuals. I think table lights fits that bill quite nicely :)
@ianyang So far from iPhone cases now...that's hilarious.
Great work is an under statement! I suggest a potential partnership with https://www.instructables.com ...Pending approval & terms of course... I think their existing base of designers would be a perfect match for your platform and associated services. Please excuse my brashness, especially if this isn't aligned with your corporate goals. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to discover what you all have to offer! JB.
@jay_bee12345 thank you! Will definitely check them out.
@jay_bee12345 @ianyang I have been a user on Instructables.com and I will say you should really try to partner with them. They have a ton of hardware/design people there.
Very interesting. I will share this with a bunch of other 3d printing designers that I know and see if they have any interest in contributing.
@unclejessy4real thank you so much for your support! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. We're also writing a blog post on a beginner guide to creating with Gantri. Keep an eye on it on Medium.
Congrats on launching.
@jeffw_r thank you!