Like Venmo only way better!

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Thanks so much for the hunt @mubashariqbal! Today, SimplyTapp is launching its consumer-facing payment, money transfer and shopping app, Gane, in the US. The fully digitized mobile app offers its customers the ability to redeem merchant based incentives and coupons at the same time as payment through the use of both Apple Pay and Android. This makes Gane an easy, secure and private way to shop, save, pay and transfer that’s fast and convenient. Gane is based on an automatic app-to-wallet integration that combines shopping incentive offers like Groupon, with the ability to buy goods and services in both brick and mortar as well as online shops like Visa, with P2P money transfer like Venmo. 💰💰💰💰
PS- Will buy 🍻 for feedback. 😜
@sethlouey @mubashariqbal Need to better understand this as it looks great on the face of it. Would love to know if there's a potential partnership for you with the largest gift card company in the US - let's catch up soon Seth and congrats on this. I really like your work :)
Thanks @paul__walsh! Always looking to catch up with you. // @mubashariqbal
@sethlouey @mubashariqbal Blackhawk Network - see if there's a potential partnership for you there as I'm talking to their executive team about the landscape in the context of their business.
@paul__walsh we met them at Money 20/20. ;) Great team. They loved Gane.
Looks awesome !
@arielassaraf thanks dude! It's nice saving money on my daily coffee walks to Starbucks. 😜☕️
@arielassaraf How do you like the design and feel? What is your favorite offer you see? The one from Starbucks and Chic fil a are both very liked!
@ted_gives looks very good UX &a UI. I'd add an option to personalize my offers with an OK Cupid style questionnaire.
@arielassaraf @ted_gives hmm... that's interesting. We do have some plans for more advanced offers and discovery in the near future. Might have to download Ok Cupid to see their UX. (Better let my fiancee know before hand) 😜
First heard about Gain on @francovarriano & @tylercopeland podcast with @sethlouey A super interesting journey, definitely worth a listen:
@alangarrec @francovarriano @tylercopeland My first podcast ever and it's been a wonderful source of ROI. ;)
@alangarrec @francovarriano @tylercopeland Thanks Alan. If you want to discuss how Gane and Coworker Coffee might collaborate just let @sethlouey or myself know
@alangarrec Thanks for the ongoing support man! We love having amazing guests like @sethlouey // @tylercopeland
@ted_gives thanks, would love to see if there's an opportunity there. I know @sethlouey from a couple of Slack groups and we're due for a catch-up.
The product has been great to build, and everyone on the team has helped to make this a great product that the will only get better with each adjustment, enhancement, and review. User feedback has been great so please share with us in whatever way is easiest. @ganeapp, FB, email or snap:GanePay "way better than Venmo" oh and if it is really great feedback you want to share with the world, there is always leaving a review on the app stores. wink!
Proud to be a part of this product! You had me at 'chatbot'