Generate striking, otherworldly artwork with AI

Ganbreeder is a collaborative art tool for discovering images using BigGAN. Using the web app, you can mix or "breed" neural networks with each other into evocative, otherworldly imagery.

The results can then become physical art. Ganbreeder integrates with Ganvas Studio, which turns your GAN images into posters and paintings.

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I learned about Ganbreeder last week and have since spent hours exploring it, generating a collection of dog clouds, other-dimensional lab equipment, alien architecture, and hundreds of other surprising categories. You can really find anything in the GANiverse. I'm sort of addicted. I'm also really excited to be working with on, to make people's favorite BigGAN images into physical prints and paintings.
Great way of exploring the Ganiverse, but would love the ability to upload images and mix them into the results.
@frassmith It requires a lot of set up, but you could make your own GAN. You would just need a database of a ton of images so machine learning can take place. These aren't just single images blending together, they are neural network models from BigGAN. BigGAN uses images from ImageNet, which is a database of thousands of categories created from thousands of images.
This is pretty ridiculously dope. @djbaskin @joel_simon