A color palette editor for Mac.

Gamut is a color palette editor for designers, developers, and artists. Create and edit color palettes of any size. Big and small. Import, convert, and export Procreate Swatches, CLR, ASE, and PAL file formats.

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2 Reviews5.0/5

Thats it for now.


Nice gradient editor, not only small palettes, legacy file formats.



Alas, Windows users are once again left out...
@itsnblackburn Sorry, I don't use my Windows machine for design work. :/
@itsnblackburn Sorry, Mac is naturally the first platform for us. If there is unexpected high demand for the Mac version and we have enough ideas for more features then we may perhaps consider creating a cross platform version but right now that is not likely.
@itsnblackburn @dylanrw hey is there a way to trial this?
@manny_orduna not right now, we are planning the next patch and we were talking about trials the other day though. Thanks for asking!