Airbnb for camping - Camping with a local

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I'm Joseph, one of the founders of Gamping, feel free to ask any questions!
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@josephleopold I love the site and the concept. This has serious potential for those with vacant land to make some money - tough times or not. What are your plans for expansion into the US?
@ryannegri Thank you Ryan for your encouragement! To expand our community into the US and more countries, we believe in word-of-mouse and user satisfaction and also some marketing operations.
@josephleopold Great stuff man. Are you guys seeking and onboarding gampsites manually or is it organically driven by the users?
Gamping is a simple way to find gardens for camping in 18 countries!
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Really neat concept, would love to use it, but when I entered "Zion, Utah" the page loaded a map and then kept attempting to reload (assuming infinitely).
@tannerc Thank you Tanner! We will look at it!
I know @dylanlacom would love this!
@everette truth. This does look really cool.
@DylanLaCom Thanks Dylan! :)
This is huge. Potential market of people who owns some vacant land is even bigger than Airbnb market.