IMDB for console games, on a super fast native iOS app

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Nice. What is the difference between you and Game Spot or IGN?
@rotemthegolfer as far as I know Gamespot doesn't have an iOS app, and browsing the website from the iPhone is just a mess. Try to find the list of the top platform games for Xbox One for will have to hunt for it, and it will take plenty of taps. And even when you do reach the list, and tap on a game, you don't get a clean "game details" screen, but more links to click and more wait time... IGN does have an app instead, but it's just for news, not for browsing the actual games catalog. This is what we do instead (I'm copying/pasting from our landing page): === All the Xbox One and Playstation 4 games, in one super fast iOS app Filter games by genre, sort by date and score, search by name. All at the speed of light. Watch videos and screenshots, read the reviews and plenty more game info. Follow games you like and get a notification when their price drops === Just because it's a native app, it's much much faster (it just downloads data and images and not full webpages and plenty more resources). And then everything is cached/saved for later, so that you don't have to reload everything every time you go into a game again. Searching, filtering and sorting all happens in-memory, so it's real-time basically, no wait time. Hopefully, this provides a much better experience for the gamers looking for info about games they already know about, or just hunting for new ones. Also...this is just the starting point...we've got some god things to build in our backlog. I hope this makes you curious enough to try it...and then provide us some feedback to think about! ;)
@marcob Interesting. Where is all the data about the games and the reviews comes from?
@rotemthegolfer there are a number of sources, including the official stores but also manual input/grooming. Reviews are from IGN/Gamespot at the moment (with attribution and a link to their review webpage of course), but we're adding more sources as well...
@marcob Nice work. Are you planning to extend it into the whole retroverse? I love digging up Amiga, Genesis, SNES and Sega Saturn games to find here and there a visual or audible perl among lesser known games.
Does it only cover Xbox & PS4?
@rraapphhaaeell Yes, we decided to only focus on current-gen consoles for the moment. What other console do you think would be good to add?
@marcob I was thinking Game-Apps as well. Even though I know there's a ton ... I guess movies is easier since it's just a single platform to worry about. Other question: are submissions crowd sourced?
@rraapphhaaeell if you mean mobile games for iOS, Apple doesn't allow that :( Submissions are not crowd sourced at the moment, but we're thinking about a number of things that the users themselves will be able to post and vote.
Please tell me this allows me to save games to a list? Been looking for that for ages
Okay I can follow which is good. Search, list management and iCloud sync would be great :)
@leewynne Search is indeed available. In a future version (not too far) we'll add login / account management, so that your list(s) is saved online and can be shared across devices as well :)