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The Gaming Nugget is a Gaming business newsletter centered around gaming, streaming and e-sports. Not only do we provide a weekly digest of important news, but we look into data and provide analysis, insights and golden nuggets from the world of online gaming.
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Hi, I've been fascinated by the growth of gaming, streaming and e-sports for a long time and this growth has been significantly accelerated by the Covid-19 situation, which is something we can clearly see in the data as well. I have not found a related newsletter which I would be happy with and since I've been making a scratchpad of the most important news, I figured I would put it all into a weekly newsletter. I believe that data provides a great glimpse into where the industry is heading, as well as the shifts in consumer behavior. So I will be adding one analysis from this point of view, per week as well. The newsletter is more business oriented, meaning that we will shy away from any drama or tabloid related news.
Subbed, looks promising. I am actually working on an e-sports product myself
Thanks :) What are you working on?
What sort of data do you analyze? How is it different from, say, newzoo?
@liam_william Great question. Newzoo is a great resource for gaming related data analysis and they just launched an data platform, which looks promising. I tend to analyze where the weekly news takes me. Currently, I am looking at the Covid-19 impact on streaming and the shifts in streaming we've seen within the past 1-2 months. I take publicly available data (for example via Twitch api) and combine it with other data platforms that are paid, which I have access to. Let me know if this answers your question, Liam
Would be great to have news/articles under some main pillars(e.i esports, twitch, teams,) rather than random news around world
@onur_koyuncu Thanks for the comment, that is what I am planning to do. The newsletter will have a data analysis portion, followed by the main news split by: - Gaming, Streaming, E-sports, Betting news. I think this would give a good overview of the business aspect of Online Gaming.
Subbed as well - Jan are you going to keep our emails in your own database or are you planning on selling them?
@ericlafleche Hi Eric, to be completely transparent, I am using Mailerlite as the email processor for the newsletter, which is fully GDPR compliant. I value and respect you subscribing and I don't want to lose people's trust by selling your emails. Should you not feel comfortable, there will always be an option to unsubscribe (which is also in the first email you received). I actually debated about asking for more information during signing up to the newsletter (such as your name, last name, company), which would allow me to understand who would be reading the newsletter better, but opted against that for privacy's sake.