Meet the User Onboarding Checklist by Traitly. It helps you to onboard new users faster and more effectively. Connect your data within a matter of seconds and add to your site with just one line of JavaScript. Create tailored checklists for user segments. Works with Intercom and Segment data out of the box.

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Congrats on the launch!
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Very interesting software!
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Hello! I'm one of the Makers at Traitly. We built this product in response to our own frustration with existing onboarding experiences. Unlike product walkthroughs, this product helps the customer throughout the onboarding process - not just during their first session. The checklist automatically updates for each user as they complete key actions. The product gamifies the onboarding process by updating each user's score as they progress through your app. It works with existing Intercom, Segment, and Mixpanel, so there's no painful data setup. We're offering it free today for apps with 10,000 users or fewer.
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This looks cool, but it's not clear how it integrates with chat widgets.
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Hi @tom_sisan! Here's an example of how it integrates with Intercom's chat widget:
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@tom_sisan: It integrates similarly with Zendesk and HubSpot (we're adding more chat widgets to the list)
@aaronjoycee I noticed that change in the explainer video but was still confused. That demo helps. I guess you can select whether you have the circular widget button (with the traitly triangle) vs the badge-style "need help" expander button?
Sorry for the confusion, @tom_sisan - we'll address this. Yes, you can select the circular launcher or the badge-style "need help" launcher - whichever fits best with your app