Gamification stack indexes 80 B2B gamified tools

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Hi super hunters, Being huge fans of Startup Stash, we’ve been inspired to build a great tool which will help you take the next step in your business! We’re delighted to present Gamification Stack, a curated directory of B2B gamification tools and resources to help companies find the best solution to your business. Gamification Stack gathers around 80 innovative tools in 4 main categories: customer centric, employee centric, gamification engine and branded game. Each resource page is composed of a short description of the tool, a logo, a direct link to their website as well as their contact mail. Why Gamification Stack? We found out that there are plenty of gamification tools that exist out there, but how to find the one that fits your company's specific need? How to know it even exists? Gamification Stack is your first tool matching gamification solutions with your specific problem. Many thanks to @jacinthe_ to present our website in Product Hunt! :slightly_smiling_face: Please feel free to suggest any thoughts, we will be really happy to hear from you!
Gamification is a trending word and it is a powerful design method to increase audience engagement, retention and viralization. Gamificationstack indexes 80 B2B tools designed with gamification mechanisms sorted in 4 main categories: - Customer Centric, - Employee Centric - Gamification Engine, - Branded Game.