Swap your games with people close to you 🎮

Gamezera is an app for people to exchange their games with others near your location.
🔥This is a beta and you might find some bugs!
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I think this idea is brilliant! I couldn't get past the let's start page though
@adelee_design Did you use Facebook to authenticate?
Be honest and comment what you think of this idea!😎
🔥This is a beta and you might find some bugs!
This is an interesting idea and a good way for people in new cities to make some gaming friends by sharing! I do have a question, though: What if somebody doesn't return a game back to the original owner but happily receives theirs back. What measures are in place to prevent/rectify this?
Hello @stukelly. My idea is to make the exchange of the game, and not the "loan". After an exchange, for example, the user could make a new exchange (with the game he exchanged) for another game, and so on!
@ruan_oliveira I understand now! Then again, what's stopping one user from sending their game out, User 2 finding out it's on the way and then just not sending theirs out? Do you envision expanding into an escrow service, whereby users send the games to you, you confirm, then forward to the recipient once both users' games have been received?
Clicked through registration but "Let's Start" button does nothing.
@tostartafire Did you use Facebook to authenticate?
@ruan_oliveira I used google. I was able to get it to work by going back and adding the username which was blank, but I had not even been prompted to enter a username in the beginning, so not sure how that screen got skipped.